You have been asked to design a system with following VMware functionality enabled

R001 : VMware HA must be functional.
R002 : VMware SRM can be used between two sites for DR processes.
R003 : You must be able to see all hosts from a single pane of glass.

From these requirements :

A vSphere 5.0 VCSA can provides an acceptable solution.

A vSphere 5.0 Windows-based vCenter can provide an acceptable

The requirements cannot be met.

Explanation :
The VCSA can function with VMware SRM. However, for SRM functionality, both sites require a vCenter installation. This would limit the choice of single-glass-pane management to Linked mode. A Linked mode installation requires Microsoft technology in the ADAM instance, and thus eliminates the VCSA choice.

Which of the following will still function if vCenter crashes?

Storage DRS

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